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Frequently Ask Questions

In Collecting Email



What is your Job!

It's as simple as Posting Facebook Ads on 25-50 Facebook Groups each day! We will provide you all Instructions with the Facebook Ad(s) & 175 Facebook Groups for you to Post - everything is available inside your Backoffice - and all you need is: Provide 15-30 Minutes Daily from your time (anytime of the day) to Post Ads 


How do you make money collecting emails?

You get paid for each Email submitted through your Referral Link - all Emails need to be verified to avoid fake Emails and people cheating - but it doesn't mean your Emails need to buy anything, it means they need to complete a Free Task (the System will do that automatically) for you to get your first Payment: between $0.10 & $0.80 per Email - you earn payments from all your Emails Collected according to your Package, the Higher your Package the more you will earn.

Note: You don't need to get Referrals, you only need to Post Ads and our System will COLLECT & CONVERT your Emails into Referrals/Upgrades, so you can Make Money - You are NOT required to do anything else, just Post Ads 15-30 Minutes per Day! And you will not pay anything here nor make any investment, its always FREE!!!

To get started Just click SIGN UP create your account, then check your email address for the confirmation then complete your registration. Make sure that you follow all the steps found on the Video tutorial when you sign up or when you create an account,  just skip the other offers, just go directly your work dashboard or Back office


Your Package: You have chosen the Free Package and you need to Collect 10 Emails first to get your account from Free Package to $1 Package, This is where you start earning $0.10 per Email collected.

You will not PAY anything for your UPGRADES, you can used your own earnings!!!


Do I need to pay anything or Make any Investment to Join?

No, You dont need to pay anything or make any investment here to Join. Registration here are always FREE, so beware of posers who ask or solicit money in exchange for this job. its FREE to JOIN!!!


How to get your pay here?

Payout here is via PAYPAL once you earn at least $2.00 you can request for payout (We suggest that you create an Account in Paypal and used it as your payment processor, You can add your local bank account in your Paypal account for withdrawal of your earnings)







If your a Filipino you can add your local bank account like UNIONBANK EON or RCBC MY WALLET or other local bank account for withdrawal

What is the Upgrade Package? Do i need to pay for it?

In collecting emails their are 6 levels of Upgrade Package, When you sign up, Your account will be under FREE PACKAGE you need to collect 10 Emails first to upgrade your account for FREE to $1 PACKAGE, this is where you start earning $0.10 Per email collected.


  • $1 Package you earn $0.10 per Email Collected
  • $5 Package you earn $0.20 per Email collected
  • $10 Package you earn $0.30 per Email Collected
  • $20 Package you earn $0.40 per Email Collected 
  • $40 Package you earn $0.50 per Email Collected
  • $100 Package you earn $0.80 per Email Collected

​In collecting emails, you can used your OWN EARNINGS to upgrade your account for FREE, Meaning you dont need to pay for this upgrade using external wallet


How to collect email?

To collect email you need to copy your REFERRAL LINK and SHARE it to your Friends, Relatives, etc or via Social Media Network like​ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So everytime someone sign up and do the same process seen on our video tutorial, you collect email.

Initialy under FREE PACKAGE everytime you collect email, you earn $0.00, You need to upgrade your account first to $1 Package and to do that, You need to COLLECT at least 10 EMAILS to upgrade your account for FREE.


Why can't i post my referral link on my Social Network platform like Facebook?

Some social network platform like FACEBOOK considered affiliate link is being filtered as SPAM, meaning it will be rejected when you used your referral link, To post your referral link you need to used other method like using Google Docs to create a DOCUMENT files and share it, just create a docs in Google docs then post your referral link on it then share it.









Other ways to share your referral link is by means of website auto traffic, you just need to create an account, add your website link (your referral link) then exchange traffic, registration here is FREE and getting points for the Website Traffic is also FREE








All Sign Ups come from your Collected Emails and it will always state $0.00 because you already earned a payment before when you Collected the Email from your Referral. You get Payments for All Emails Collected and from All Upgrades, but you don't get Payments from Sign Ups.                                                                           



You can used your own earnings to upgrade your account, Meaning you dont need to pay anything using your external wallet, Just be sure to follow all our instructions here



Payment Verified: Has been Credited/Paid already to your Pick and Profit Account.

Payment Unverified: This payment needs to be Manually Verified and will be Credited/Paid to your Pick and Profit Account when Verified.

Payment Refuse: This Payment couldn't be Verified (usually it happens due Cheating, Fake Emails, no Payment or Refund/Dispute).

Be sure that you follow all the instructions found on the Video tutorial when you sign up or when you create an   

Be sure that you follow all the instructions found on the Video tutorial when you sign up or when you create an   

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