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Please follow the Instructions to Earn your 3.24 BTC using the Fast Option (21 Days). In order to achieve this Result you are required to Invest ONLY 0.0005 BTC (~$2.00), At least 5-10 Minutes of your time per Day Surfing 10 Pages for 21 Days if you purchase the TPO1 ($2.00 UPGRADE) while 100 Surf Pages per day for the FREE Account and Refer at least 4 or more People to do the same. 

Investment: 0.0005 BTC (~$2.00)

STEP 1: Create your account

IMPORTANT: After your Registration you need to Check your Email and click on the Confirmation Link to Activate your ITB Account. Your Account will remain Inactive until you have done this.

STEP 2: Login to your ITB Account

Click on the Grey Button (see screenshot below) and then click on the Task “Choose how you would like to receive commissions”. As default it should be “Use earnings to purchase TPO’s your way up” and you need to keep it like that, so the system will do the Upgrades automatically for you to earn more. You need to change it only when you have reached TPO11 (Traffic Package Option 11). If you change this the system will not do Upgrades for you automatically and you might not reach your Goal to Earn 3.24 BTC.

STEP 3: Click on “Dashboard” and then click on “Buy Advertising Credits”:

STEP 4: Choose the “Traffic Package Option 1” or TPO1 – Scroll down and process the payment via Bitcoin or via Payza (Payza Option is more expensive):

STEP 5: Go back to your “Dashboard” and Click on “Surf Pages”:


STEP 6: You are required to Surf 10 Pages per Day (if you purchase the TP01 $2.00) while Surf 100 Pages per Day for the Free Account daily to keep “Surf Boost Activated” and be able to earn “Surfer Rewards Pool Shares” to be able to Purchase more Traffic Package Options. To Surf is very simple: – Let the Timer end and click on the right color. – Click on “Continue Surfing” to go to the next Page. – Do this over again until you have reached 10 OR 100 on “Today’s Pages”

STEP 7: After you have Surfed your 10 Pages your Job is complete for the Day, however you need to check what time your Boost ends so you can reactivate it again the following day. I will send you a Reminder every day for you not to forget to Surf 10 Pages. Click Here to Activate your Reminder.


STEP 8: Use your “Surfing” Credits to Advertise your Collecting Email Referral Link & Collect Emails. Click on “Get Exposure” and then Click on “Add Campaign URL”:


STEP 9: Enter your Collecting Email Referral Link at “Campaign URL”, Click on “URL Tested” and finnaly click on “Save Campaign URL”. Now your Referral Link will start being Advertised to all ITB Members when they Surf Pages:

STEP 10: Finally Refer at least 4 People to ITB to do the same. To get your ITB Referral Link click on “Affiliates” > “Referral Tools”. You should advertise your Referral Link on Facebook Groups (where you advertise your Pick and Profit Referral Link) – Check your Pick and Profit Backoffice to have Access to Facebook Groups and other Platforms for you to Advertise.